Aviation Law & Litigation

Experienced Aviation Law Attorney Located In Miami, Florida

Complex Litigation Affecting A Vital Industry

Billions of dollars in investment. The public's trust. Corporate goodwill and public security. Aviation law is a high-stakes field that affects a vital industry. At Haber Slade, we have over 20 years of experience representing airlines, companies in related industries, and airline subsidiaries doing business in and around Miami International Airport (MIA) and other airports worldwide.

Among the many services encompassed in our aviation law practice, we handle:

  • Aircraft lien litigation pursuant to FAA requirements and Chapter 329 Florida statutes
  • Recording of liens and chattel mortgages
  • Negotiations with governmental entities
  • Airport lease negotiations and litigation
  • Aircraft repair station claims of lien and government disputes over records and parts
  • Aircraft engine repair disputes and litigation
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring disputes between airlines and creditors
  • Aviation vendor contracts, disputes and litigation
  • Ground leases with governmental entities/airports and related disputes

Our aviation law practice has earned us a reputation for high-quality legal service, committed advocacy and effective, durable solutions. We count airlines and some of the largest aviation-related companies among our clients.

High-End Skills For A Complex Field

In aviation litigation, the risks are numerous; the monetary stakes involved are often immense. To best serve your airline-related business interests, you need a lawyer with extensive experience and proven skills dealing in this arena. Attorney David B. Haber and other members of our accomplished legal team possess established track records of success. As examples of the firm's broad past experience in the aviation industry, we have successfully handled:

  • Bankruptcy matters representing creditors involving large aviation cargo and passenger carriers, including Atlas Aviation, Philippine Airlines, Pegasus, Sky King and others
  • Civil litigation, including successful representation of Greenwich/GE, World Fuel Services, Phoenix Fuels and Chemoil Corp.
  • Collection of receivables, contract matters and other general representation for airlines, aircraft repair stations, engine overhaul facilities, parts brokers and sales companies, ground handling companies, fuel vendors and flight training facilities
  • Counsel for Centurion Cargo and related entities
  • Counsel for Chemoil Corporation in Florida and other jurisdictions, including Massachusetts, California and other states
  • Purchases and mergers, including representation of vendors who are selling or buying assets or their entire company

To consult with an attorney well-versed in aviation law, or to ask questions regarding any other sophisticated business matter, contact us to schedule a consultation with attorney David Haber.