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Condominium & Homeowner's Association

Accomplished Condominium Association Law Attorney in Miami

Protecting Investments ▪ Representing Homeowner Interests

At the Law Office of David B. Haber, P.A. in Miami, we have extensive experience representing the interests of condominium and homeowners' associations, as well as homeowners, in a wide range of insurance, construction, and condominium and homeowners' association law-related matters, including:

  • Construction defects litigation and disputes with contractors and developers
  • Collections, lien and foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy-related matters
  • Insurance disputes, settlements, and negotiations
  • Law suits by or against unit owners
  • TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy) and CO issues with the Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals
  • Zoning-related proceedings and lawsuits
  • Code enforcement proceedings
  • Variance proceedings

Representative Clients

Our proficiency in condominium association law is attested to by our expanding client base of Associations and Master Associations, such as:

  • Portofino Towers Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Portofino Towers/South Pointe Master Association, Inc.
  • The Charter Club, Inc.
  • The Continuum on South Beach
  • 350 Las Olas Place Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Apogee Condominium Association, Inc.

Notable Success

We also have achieved public success representing homeowners in construction defects cases, settling these cases when expedient and appropriate to the interests of our clients. These settlements resulted in cash, property and remediation work worth millions of dollars.

Corners of Kendall Condominium Association: An Example of What We Can Do for You

We successfully resolved a high-profile, complex litigation matter known as Corners of Kendall Condominium Association, which involved post-Hurricane Andrew construction work, to be performed at a South Dade condominium complex for low- to middle-income families.

The work was done improperly by a poorly supervised, unbonded contractor, and significant money was wasted. Efforts to remedy the situation were complicated by the fact that Board of Directors, the condominium management company and their lawyer had colluded with the contractor, placing their personal interests above those of the homeowners whom they were supposed to benefit.

Here, we assisted our clients (the homeowners) in wresting control of the Association from the Board, successfully suing the national law firm employing the Board's lawyer and securing a beneficial settlement for the association. Attorney David B. Haber negotiated a sharp reduction in the contractor's large construction lien and obtained significant funds to pay for the needed construction - from the Errors and Omissions Carrier of the former Board of Directors and from the law firm that employed the former Board's lawyer.

This case was featured on the front page of the Miami Review and the front page of the Miami Herald's Local Section.

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